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  • Handling passport application by the immigration office, sent to the Grenada;
  • 移民处负责受理护照申请并邮寄至格林纳达;
  • Assist Grenadians residing in China with document authentication;
  • 协助在华格林纳达公民办理领事认证;
  • Assist Grenada pensioners in China;
  • 协助在华服刑的格林纳达退休公民
  • Provide information for Grenada nationals returning to China;
  • 为格林纳达公民返回中国提供相关信息

The Embassy of Grenada is located at:

Building 5, Entrance 2, Suit 5-2, Ta Yuan Diplomatic Compound
1 Xin Dong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100600

格林纳达驻华大使馆地址:中国北京市朝阳区新东路1 号, 塔园外交公寓5号楼2单元5-2号

Office hours:    9:00am to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

办公室时间:       周一至周五,上午9:00时—下午17:00时

The office is closed in Chinese public holidays and public holidays in Grenada.



Visa requirements for travel to Grenada are based on your country of citizenship. Permanent residents of the United States are not exempt from these visa requirements.

Students (and families of students) attending St. George’s University will need to apply for a visa based on his/her country of citizenship before he/she can travel to Grenada. The letter provided by the University does not exempt you from these requirements.

Who Needs a Visa

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Requirements for Processing Visa Applications

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Visa Application Form


Photo to be Notarized/Authenticated


Cruise Ship Passengers

Cruise ship passengers of any nationality who intend to remain on the island of Grenada for less than twenty–four (24) hours do not require a visa to enter Grenada. You do, however, require a passport valid for at least six (6) months from your date of return to your country.
If you will be in Grenada for more than twenty–four (24) hours or you will stay over night in Grenada you will need to check the “Who Needs a Visa” section of the website in order to determine whether or not nationals of your country require visas to enter Grenada.

For more Information or Queries

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Passports Forms:

In 2023, all passports issued by the Immigration and Passport Department in Grenada will be machine-readable ePassports – a biometric/digital passport, enhanced with an embedded electronic microprocessor, which is distinguished by a logo on the front cover.  This microprocessor will be used to obtain data that will authenticate the identity of the passport holder for security purposes and ease of travel.

Effective November 1, 2019 the fee for the ePassports within the China is US$250.00.  The fee for Lost/Stolen/Damaged passports within the China is US$500.00.

Processing Time:

Passports applications are forwarded to Grenada every Friday by the Embassy.  Once your completed and correct application has been received in its entirety, it takes between six (6) to eight (8) weeks to be returned to you.

Expedited Processing:

If you wish to expedite your application, please include a letter detailing the nature of the rush and the date by which your passport is needed. Once your request for expedited services along with your completed and correct application is received, your application will be forwarded same day to Grenada for processing. Expedited processing fee is $50.00 (separate money order/certified cheque).

Application Requirements for Renewal of Passports

Application Requirements for Renewal of Caribbean Community Grenada Passport

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Application for Lost, Stolen, Damaged Grenada Passport

Application for Lost, Stolen, Damaged Grenada Passport

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Grenada Passport Application Forms

Grenada Passport Application Forms


Requirements for a Police Certificate of Character

Requirements for a Police Certificate of Character

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Please be advised that all applications for citizenship are processed by the Department of Home Affairs in the Office of the Prime Minister in Grenada, not by our office here in Beijing, China

Applying for Citizenship

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Online Payments

Government of Grenada Online Payment Platform

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