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Police Certificate of Character Application form

Please download and complete this form , also follow  and  complete the instructions  that  pertain  to  your specific  situation  or  needs:


Fingerprints Form

Please download this fingerprints form and complete by having your prints taken in the nearest Police Station or by trained authorized Person.


Online Payments can be made using VISA or MASTER Debit and Credit Cards

Pay here..

Grenadian  Nationals  Overseas:
(1) Applicant  must  present/forward  a  Certified  Copy  of his/her:
a) Passport, or
b) National  Insurance  Scheme  Card,  or
c) Electoral  Identification  Card  and
d) Birth  Certificate

Foreign  Nationals  who  resided  in  Grenada  for  a  period  of  time:
(1) Applicant  must  present/forward  a  Certified  Copy  of  his/her:
a) Passport,  or
b) State  Issued  Identification  Card  and
c) Birth  Certificate

(2) Applicant  must present/forward  an  original set  of  fingerprints  which  must have:
a) All  pertinent  information  completed  on  the  form
b) Name  of  Officer  taking  the  fingerprints clearly legible

(3) The  fees for  the  Police  Certificate  of  Character,  per  application are;   Regular Fees: US$22.20 Express Fees: US$40.73 Urgent Fees: US$60.00 Fees can be paid online here or  the  form of an   International   Postal   Order   or   Western   Union   Money  
Order  made  payable  to  the  Commissioner  of  Police.

(4) Three (3)  passport   size  photographs  with   full   frontal   view  with  hairline   and   ears   showing  
only, will  be  accepted.    No  glasses  please.

(5) Applicant’s   first   name   and   middle names   should   be   written   in   lowercase letters   and  
Surname(s)  in  uppercase letters.    Names   should  be  written   as  per  document  presented,  i.e.  
passport,  ID etc.

(6) The  purpose  for  which  the  Certificate  of  Character  is   required  should  be  clearly  stated  with  
address  e.g.  local  job,  ship,  Federal  job,  etc.

The  applicant’s  signature  should  be  legible  on  application  and  must  correspond  with  that  of  
your  identification  and  fingerprint  form.

N.B. Applications  from  foreign  nationals  should  have  a local  address  where  the  applicant  resided  
while  in  Grenada  included  with  each  application.

Email copies of all documents to [email protected] and Forward Application  and  Supporting  Documentation  to:
Embassy of Grenada
5-2-52 Ta Yuan Diplomatic Compound,
1 Xin Dong Road, Chaoyang District,
Beijing, China 100600

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